Who We Serve

We offer survivors of domestic abuse holistic solutions that minister to their unique emotional, physical, intellectual, and spiritual needs.  We support the full spectrum of women touched by domestic violence:  those who are in the midst of abuse, those who are working toward healing from past abuse, and those who question if they are experiencing abuse. 

Domestic abuse also does not discriminate on the basis of age, race, education, spiritual beliefs, marital status, geographies, or socioeconomic condition.  Those who attend our meetings are a beautiful composite of women who represent multiple cultures.  They span in age from those in their twenties through those in their seventies, from those with high school educations through those with advanced degrees, from those who question if God is real to women of deep faith seeking God’s direction, from those who have been married multiple times to those who have never been married, and from women of affluence to women struggling to exist at the poverty level. 

Regardless of circumstances, all are warmly welcomed.