Found God FaceFound God - “D” is estranged from her family because of the abuse she suffered at the hand of multiple family members. She is unable to work because of the physical and emotional impact of her abuse.

In December, “D” received Christmas gifts from a Life Community Group from our church partner, Grace Chapel. In her thank you note she wrote:



Dear Friends,

When my contact at Hagar’s Sisters walked in my house with all the Christmas gifts I could not believe they were all for me! Everything was so perfect, (unlike what I grew up with). I never liked Christmas before — it brings up a lot of abuse that I endured both as a child and an adult. Tears filled my eyes as I realized all the love and attention that went in to wrapping the presents. I love and thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

God bless you!

What “D’s” letter didn’t tell you is that when she came to Hagar’s Sisters last year, she was distrustful of even the Sisters, bitter, angry at God, and she cried for the duration of each meeting. Because of her abuse, she was unable to believe that a loving God existed. But as time passed she grew to trust the Sisters and began to share the story of her abuse. Although she was still emotionally raw, her tears subsided and she soon began to offer support and encouragement to the other Sisters. At Christmas when “D” opened the Bible, just one of the gifts, her reaction of sincere joy reflected her changed heart for God. The unconditional love expressed through the gifts provided a perfect opportunity to share God’s love with “D”. Shortly after Christmas, “D” invited Jesus to be her Lord and Savior.

"D" is a 54-year-old single woman with no children - WOBURN, MA