The effectiveness and anointing of Hagar’s Sisters ministry is not only witnessed by the stories of the Sisters’ transformed lives, but is also echoed by many who are respected in the community:

“Hagar’s Sisters is being used of God to make a significant impact for the Kingdom as a source of healing, education and program development. I am pleased to be associated with such an organization with a holistic philosophy and Christ-centered program.”

- Rev. Dr. Raymond F. Pendleton, Director of the Clinical Counseling Program, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary - HAMILTON, MA

“Our [Grace Chapel’s] partnership with Hagar’s Sisters is enabling us to fulfill our vision by “naming” the problem of domestic violence and facing it with compassion, wisdom, and strength. We are thankful for the help that Hagar’s Sisters is bringing to churches like ours, and we are eager to see their ministry expand in the days to come.”

- Rev. Dr. Bryan Wilkerson, Sr. Pastor, Grace Chapel - LEXINGTON, MA

“…the assistance provided by Hagar’s Sisters is consistently exemplary. I have seen firsthand the difference this group has made in the lives of women who are in the difficult place of dealing with abuse, violence, trauma, family relationship, financial despair, and emotional overload, just to name a few of the problems intrinsic to this issue.”

- Shirley Paz, Director of Family Life Ministry, West Church - HAVERHILL, MA

“As Pastor of Community Care, I encounter the tragic problem of domestic violence on a regular basis. …I am extremely grateful to have Hagar’s Sisters as a vital resource… and am comforted to know these women will be treated with dignity and respect, and that they will be taught skills to live their lives free from abuse. Having pastured for over twenty-four years, Hagar’s Sisters is the best resource I have ever had the privilege with which to partner.”

- Rev. Jim Ennis, Pastor of Community Care, Grace Chapel - LEXINGTON, MA